About The Club

Q. Who, or what, is After School Video Club?

A.  It's not after school, and it's not a video club.

Q.  Yeah, you said;  Anything else to go on?

A.  Well it's a band, really.

Q.  [PAUSE]  Yessss.....

A.  It's a side project of founder member Guy Rowland, TV Composer in the UK by day and veteran of many failed bands over the years by night.  Tried to crowd-source a video featuring real-life failed bands for Lost Songs - a song about failed songs - and failed to get enough people to actually finish it.

And they say irony is dead.

The band is a wildly confused good-and-bad-taste mishmash of electronica (ancient and modern) and guitars.  Lucy Athey and Guy sing the tunes.

Q.  That's enough.  Thanks.

A.  Alright, then.

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