Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Lovely Pairs

Lovely Pairs indeed.  Thought I'd shake things up a bit on the ol' playlist this month...

I've found dozens - hundreds almost - of great songs via Spotify Discover.  However, it's been much more disappointing when I've gone to investigate a track I like by looking up the artist - it's pretty rare to find even one other track as good as the one I originally liked.  So this month, it's Lovely Pairs - artists where there are at least two songs I loved.  Namely...

Man Without Country, Bow To Each Other, I Break Horses, Electric Youth, Funkstörung. Prince Rama (bonkers), Tiny Deaths, Christine and the Queens, HÆLOS, Tamaryn, Vök and of course Mew.

But wait, no wait, that's not all.  These are all new discoveries to me this year - not all released this year, but most are pretty recent, so that means for the first time it's an 80's/90's-free month.  Also I couldn't  get down to 20 with these, so there's a whole 24.  And I had to keep Mew in there... always Mew.... one 2016 song, and another new version of the sublime Water Slides.

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