Thursday, 14 July 2016

The All Clear

...and here it is, the debut album The All Clear. There's songs about the joys, trials and tribulations of going to the movies (obviously); musical failures (obviously); psychopaths; the entire planet; Sarah Connor; depression in its various guises, gits, cults and time machines. There's ancient and modern, synths and guitars, daftness and sobriety, fish and chips*.
Due to me not understanding exchange rates, the album is also absurdly cheap - FOUR QUID (unless you're daft enough to get it from Apple). This means we'll have to sell WELL into double figures if Lucy is gonna buy a new pair of boots. But as always, I aim high. Come on everyone, let's buy Lucy a new pair of boots!
(*Only available if you also buy fish and chips.)

Here it also is on Spotify:

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