Sunday, 12 June 2016

Oh look, it's June

I never seem to get the new playlist out at the start of the month.  20 songs as disparate as ever - the rather splendid new Ladyhawke single kicks it off.  In fact there's quite a pop thing going on this month - Ladyhawke, Sugababes and even Rihanna (coupled with the theme from the excellent Girlhood - Diamonds features centre-stage in the movie and its great).  There's also more 90s than 80s this time, and the first in-playlist appearance of some chancers called After School Video Club.

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Thursday, 2 June 2016


Well that only took three months of my life, after thinking "hmm, that sounds a bit quiet".  Many wrong turns - and a flurry of at-best partially-accurate blog posts later - everything now sounds as it should. Rather than a regular post though, I've created a new permanent web page as a guide for other new bands that find themselves down this particular rabbit hole, and HERE IT IS.

In the meantime, the EP is now effectively re-released on all platforms.  Next, the album!