Friday, 27 May 2016

Meanwhile... may look as if nothing has been happening but au contraire, Rodney.  Approaching the Manhattan Project in scale, the finest minds in audio have - we think - sorted out the issues between Spotify and After School Video Club.  It's still theoretical as it will be a few days til the new versions are live, but if it works as I think it will, I can submit my paper to the Science journal, including the exciting formula that predicts what Spotify will do to any given track.

But that's not all!  Wow!  The album has also been remastered, so that really shouldn't be far behind now.  And I think I've finally cracked the elusive Lost Songs video, along with a redo of the song itself.  So June / July should be a lively time for the Club.

And finally, I forgot to tell anyone about the May Spotify playlist, with all that going on. While June will lean more towards the sunny 90s, this is a moodier and more reflective bunch including 80s contributions from The Cult, Propaganda and Heaven 17, alongside the likes of I Break Horses, PAWWS and Marriages. Dipping the occasional toe into goth waters here.

Monday, 2 May 2016

We did it!


I'd like to thank my mum etc...

Actually I made sure my mum DIDN'T buy it.  I was adamant only people buy the thing if they actually like it and want it, not because they were blood relatives and morally obliged.  And people did... ten of 'em!  Well, more if include all the tracks on the EP, but exactly 10 people paid actual real cash for the download.  And thank you to all ten, without any one of you, we'd have failed to hit even this most pathetic of targets.

Everything has been rather on ice as a result of all this Spotify shenanigans (see the 8,000 posts below), so I haven't really been trying to get it Out There.  On the final furlong now - which we've been on a number of times, admittedly - then the final, final version of There's Always Someone can be uploaded. The album won't appear til June at the earliest, but it will appear. Promise.

So.  Time to set a new goal.  Ten times more ambitious - TRIPLE DIGIT DOWNLOADS!  Yes 100 or more.  Of course, the devil is in the details, so I'm going to say album and single sales combined, by the end of the year.