Friday, 8 April 2016

There really, really IS always something...


Ha ha ha ha!

Ho ho ho ho ha ha ha!


The next song I'm going to write will have the lyric "Everything goes great for me it does/I don't have any technical hitches/I understand all technical things/And I've just won a million quid", and see if that has any magic real world properties.



Well it took nearly 2 weeks for Spotify to actually get the new mastered versions up on their system (as opposed to 1 day for iTunes).  Then was time to measure the all new and improved version.  To discover.... it's almost exactly the same as the old one.


I put the measuring devices across it, and it is one whole db louder (which equates to, if you're not so technically inclined, stuff all).  "How could this be", I hear you cry over the voices in my own head which are also screaming "How could this be"?

"But I thought this new version was going to solve this exact problem", you say - and yes, that's what the voices in my own head are cackling too.

I asked Ian Shepherd, the guru who developed Dynameter to take a look, and he came back to check I'd sent him the right version.  Now, never mind what these numbers mean or what the letters stand for, all you need to know is the higher the number, the better it is for Spotify.  High = good, Low = bad. I'd measured PSR 8, PLR 13.  Ian was getting PSR 5 from the same file.  Which - and I'm sure you're ahead of me here by now - is bad.

So I checked.  And guess what?  I was getting PSR 5 PLR 10 too!  Ha ha ha!  Ho ho ho!  So what had I done?  Had I lost my marbles?  I went back to the drawing board and loaded up the unmastered version, going through the identical steps to arrive at, essentially, the same file and measured again, Lo and behold - my magical and illusory readings came back - PSR 8, PLR 13, those figures that - not unreasonably it now seems to me - caused me to deduce that Spotify was just gonna lurve this file.  When in fact, for whatever reason, it just made the figures up.

Which has us up to date.  I've asked Ian to take a look and try to figure out what's going on.  And all this means that, yes, a third version will have to be made and uploaded, and I'll have to figure out how to measure things in the real world, rather than parallel magical one I'd accidentally stumbled into.

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