Thursday, 17 March 2016

There's Always Someone

Break out the exclamation mark - it’s here! There’s actually something you can look at, listen to, stream and indeed buy, if not actually hold in your sweaty palms. Which means OF COURSE it’s a digital-only release. I’ve no desire to sleep on a bed of 1000 CDs for the next few years before skipping them thanks very much, that era of history has well and truly passed and good riddance. In 2016 I can fail with efficiency, and be kinder to the environment whilst doing so. Now that’s progress!

So what do we have? Well, since I asked, There’s Always Someone is a 5 track EP that is out now, about a month ahead of the album, The All Clear. The eponymous track and #3, Softly Spoken, will be on the album, the other 2 tracks - #screengrab and Never Really Liked You along with a remix of There’s Always Someone are exclusive to the EP. You can get it / stream it at all the usual places by typing After School Video Club – iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Apple Music etc – and also get it from Bandcamp (which is both the cheapest way to get the EP or Album, and is also available in the best quality).  You can listen right now using the player on the right hand side (or if you're on mobile, click the drop down arrow at the top of the post, and then select Watch / Listen To The Club).

And oh look there’s a video!

So how many streams and downloads will this generate? As blogged below, the odds are absurd. With over 20 new releases on iTunes every single MINUTE and a) not being part of any PR or viral gimmick and b) not putting in 5 years of playing live legwork, this isn't going to be troubling Rihanna any time soon. But no matter, I’ve set myself sales targets, and dagnammit I’m making them public. By the end of April - I’m shooting for the moon here, brace yourself boys and girls - I’m aiming for DOUBLE DIGIT SALES. Yes, I want at least 10 people in the world to have paid actual money for it (and it will get a 2nd sales shot when the album is released, so… phew). Ker-a-zee! Streams – let’s go equally nuts. 200. By the end of April. And on 1st May, or thereabouts, I’ll tell you exactly how many I actually managed.

If you’re reading this as a well-meaning friend – well, bless you, but please don’t buy it. Well, not unless you actually genuinely like it. It’s 10 actual real not-just-being-nice sales I’m going for here, 10 people who listen to it and go “oh, that’s not that bad, I’d quite like to listen to that again actually whenever I feel like it”, just like in the olden days. Anyone can emotionally blackmail their friends and family, we all know that, but I have loftier aims. We choose to do the other things, not because they are easy but because they are hard…. 10 honest sales!

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