Sunday, 12 July 2015

Seriously - what is wrong with the world?

Yesterday I met a simply lovely couple who used to be in a failed band.  Needless to say, my ears pricked up immediately.  Ooberman were right at the upper end of failure, mind - in the late 90s / early 00s actually had a Top 40 single (though they were at pains to point out that one week at #39 is about as unsuccessful as you can be while still technically being a Top 40 artist).  A typical story of terrible record company support, some bad luck and so on.  Nevertheless, it's a band you've never heard of that you might just have heard of.

So I got home late and thought I'd take a look at Ooberman.  Quickly found this, one of their first singles, Shorley Wall:

What on earth is wrong with the world?  Why do we elect old Etonians whose only mission in life is to make themselves richer and everyone else poorer?  Why does Malaria still kill half a million people every year when its easily preventable? How can we have the intellect as a species to diagnose climate change and yet not have the will to do anything about it?  And how is Shorley Wall cast aside while so much mediocrity is celebrated?

One of the ideas behind Lost Songs is the notion that there are real gems out there.  Actually discovering one par excellence is a rather strange experience - it actually makes me as angry as it does delighted that I now have this new brilliant piece of music in my life.

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  1. Loved the song and the video. Why this group didn't make it is a mystery.