Friday, 29 May 2015

Dontcha think?

In 2009, 134,000 music CDs were released in the USA. Of those, over 50,000 never sold more than 100 copies. In a SINGLE YEAR. In ONE COUNTRY. As the mighty Mythbusters always say:

This, of course, is the very theme, the very soul of Lost Songs.  And in a clever ironic twist on this theme, we're failing to find just a tiny handful of those hundreds of thousands - probably millions - of lost songs.

The first half of the video is looking spectacular.  And then... black.  So this is a call for help - anyone out there got any other good pointers of places to try / forums to join / hashtags to tweet?  We need just 10 more links to youtube videos or similar of ex-bands who are up for it.  Please do leave a comment here or send an email if you have any ideas of things we haven't thought of.

In the meantime, the album is coming along very nicely.  A few more vocal sessions to go, and its pretty much there, ready for it's own virtually inevitable brush with indifference.  THIS, Alanis, is ironic dontcha think?

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