Sunday, 3 May 2015

Coming along nicely...

...well, mostly....

A couple of days ago I edited together the material we have, and if I do say so myself it's absolutely storming.  The videos we have are terrific, far better than I expected actually, and it's gonna be such a bittersweet blast seeing all this diversity lost to history put together in one place.  Neil McCormick (see Loving Neil) has graciously let us use his fantastic old Shook Up! material, which is a personal thrill.

So up to the end of the first chorus it's all going fabulously.  And then... black.  Need more videos!  And not too many either - I reckon a dozen more in total will cover it.  But where to find them?  Thus far Twitter / Facebook hasn't taken off, its all come through more direct contact.  The problem is - where do old ex-band members hang out?  Answer - everywhere and nowhere, hidden in plain sight all around us.  But they don't congregate together anywhere, so there's no specific place to target them.  It's frustrating knowing that right now on YouTube there are probably tens of thousands of videos which would be perfect - all essentially invisible.  By their vary nature, they'll likely have attracted little support.

Videos perhaps like this one, from e 4 echo, a relatively recent folk / punk band from Oxford.  Cracking video, and a glorious (and I'm told entirely intentional) two fingers up to AutoTune:

So to anyone stumbling upon this blog - rack your brains!  You will know ex-band members - send them a link and see if they fancy being part of the fun.

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